The lost library of Hernandez Columbus

Everybody has detected of Christopher Columbus - the far-famed "admiral" World Health Organization stumbled upon some islands by sailing West from Europe to search out a replacement route to Oriental lands. He did not notice there was a continent blackball the thanks to his destination. inside decades, this undiscovered land evolved into a profitable transatlantic empire for Spain. Columbus had 2 sons. Hernando was Saint Christopher Columbus' solely illegitimate son; Diego Columbus was the explorer's legitimate son. whereas Diego continuing his father's inheritance as governor and admiral of archipelago, Hernando set his sights on turning into a scholar by building the biggest assortment of written books that existed.

University of Cambridge literature academician Edward Wilson-Lee recently printed "The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books" (2019), that is that the solely book particularisation the lifetime of Columbus' second son Hernando and his unbelievable obsession with books. even as his father explored lands for gold and Christian converts, Hernando explored bookshops for all of the written books and maps he might notice. His goal was to form a universal library of books that would be shared with the Spanish World Health Organization wanted info on each topic within the world. Hernando's large ambition would flip his nice library into the primary "database" of data. He pursued these books by oft traveling to go to most of the bookshops in a minimum of fifteen major European cities and acquired each new book that had recently been written. At the top of his life in 1539, he had nonheritable over fifteen,000 to 20,000 volumes.

Hernando was born in 1488 that is very important thanks to the actual fact the press had been fictional forty years previous and initial accustomed print manuscripts into books. He started grouping in 1509 till his death in 1539 that place pressure on him to gather all written books within the last sixty to eighty years once Johannes Gutenberg fictional the press.

Hernando wished to make his library with all identified written books, as a result of he wished to catalogue all human data in each language and each subject. He could not do that monstrous job alone, however paid a military of readers to summarize each book he in hand. Early In 2019, a thick 2000-page volume had been discovered in Scandinavia, that was entitled, "El Libro Delaware los Epítomes," or "Book of Epitomes" that had been missing for 3 hundred and fifty years. It summarized the contents of the many books and classified them into some kind of systematic structure. Lee believes that several of the books summarized during this assortment don't exist any longer. fortuitously, but it shows what Europeans scan over 5 hundred years past ("Typeroom" web site, Aug 2, 2019).

Christopher Columbus' second son is associate degree underrated historical figure World Health Organization singlehandedly bought nearly each written book since the invention of the press in 1450, from 1509 to his death is 1539. though very little had been identified concerning Hernando till academician Edward Wilson-Lee shed light-weight on the book collector's life in his recent life story, "The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books". He acknowledges Hernando as making the initial info "search engine" with summaries of his several books. per the author, Hernando "collected everything he might lay his hands on. Manuscripts, pamphlets, tap house posters - all created their method into his library." ("The Guardian").

After nearly thirty years of wandering the streets of Europe, exploring bookshops and shopping for each one he hadn't bought, Hernando died, likewise as his books. nowadays solely quartern of his assortment has been keep within the Cathedral in metropolis, Spain since 1552. several were either purloined et al were broken by flooding. nevertheless that several books square measure an enormous quantity, even in today's quantities at the average-sized library.

Hernando tried to preserve his father's honor by grouping a "new world" of the many books. whereas Hernando's father, Saint Christopher discovered elements of the New World that Spain before long claimed as a part of associate degree empire, Hernando discovered books that he unreal would become associate degree empire for learning. though Saint Christopher himself did not build a profitable supply of wealth for Spain, Hernando's library didn't become the supply of data, as had hoped, for the Spanish. Ultimately, the Columbus name declined from history.


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