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Festivals - we've a protracted tradition of sweet faces at Parnab. albeit the guest isn't sweet to the housing, it doesn't escape. Outside of ancient change of state you'll attempt to do one thing exceptionally. Let's resolve the instruction for profit creating. Tasunova Nourin provides the recipe.


Packets of Lacquer Semair - two / bottle semai quantity

Liquid milk - two cups

Dano Cream - three

Sugar - like amount or 1/4 cup

Cornflower - 1/2 teaspoon soaked with water

Ghee / Butter - 1/2 cup or no matter it takes.

For Sira:

1/2 cups of sugar

Water - 3 cups.


First add the lactose, cornflower and settle within the kitchen appliance. once thickened, bring the dino cream mixture to a coffee temperature. detain mind that if the cream is skinny, it'll not settle. Do as thick as a dish. relax clarified butter semei and fry it. Take a vessel which will not have to be compelled to be reversed as an alternative the profit are going to be broken. during this case the cake pan is that the best.

Brush a bit lightweight clarified butter within the pan and unfold it equally and press it equally. Bake 1/4 min at four ° C. brownness color then pour out the cold cream on high and provides it another layer. currently bake within the kitchen appliance at five degrees for 20/20 minutes, ensuring that they are doing not burn.

Once the highest is brownness then unfold the recent syrup that you simply have already placed. Not all syrup are going to be required however you'll provides it in amount. each the sirup|syrup|sirup} and therefore the sugar can infuse the syrup whereas it's hot. once it involves the conventional temperature, refrigerate it within the white goods and serve it for fun.

If you wish to create it within the kitchen appliance, let it sit down sort of a cake with a lid on that. Medium heat might take concerning 20-20 minutes.

Note: within the mixer of the cream there's sugar together with the syrup, thus if the sugar is high then it's not smart to eat sugar. thus use caution to not do the quantity of sweets.

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