5 fun ways to spend a day with your loved one

1. Plan a picnic in your own backyard. 

Make a tent, bring your laptop, take a bunch of pillows and blankets, bring snacks and watch your favorite TV show or listen to some music, play board games. Or just simply make a night all about yourselves and talk for hours. Talking to eachother helps renew your feelings, and to learn something new about your partner even if you are in a relationship for a long time.

2. Get a puppy or a cat. 

Go to an animal shelter and bring home your favorite animal. Take care of it together. If you live seperately, take turns. Animals are great companions and it can make your relationship stronger because you have something new in common and it takes a lot of responsability which will make you care more for eachother.

3. Walk in the woods. 

If you are a fan of nature this will be a great afternoon plan for both of you. Escape from your everyday routine, clear your mind and your lungs. Enjoy the sound of birds and leaves. This is good for relaxing. Taking a break from everyday life is important for many reasons and it will help both of you remember to enjoy the little things.

4. Workout together. 

Make workouts fun! It is always more enjoyable to workout with someone instead by yourself, and spending a few extra hours with your special someone will be even more fun than you think. Try new workouts, invent your own and make it interesting. This will help your everyday routine become more fun and different.

5. Compete. 

Pick a day and make it a competition. For example who can eat snacks faster, who can make an uglier face, who will shower quicker, or who can da ce better to your favorite songs. It will be so much fun i guarantee you! 


Make your days more fun, try something you never have before. Remember why you fell in love with your partner im the first place and show it to them. 



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