Agriculture and environment

Agriculture is the food provider for humans.Without agriculture we cannot live.Cultivating a crops for our needs is agriculture.

        During ancient times there is no agriculture. Ancient man depend on forest and animals for food.Later on they started to cultivate and settle in river basins.That'show it started at 10,000B.C.After that numerous changes it has undergone.

         One such was the cutting down of trees and changing them to cultivable land,which called as shifting cultivation.It destructed most forest.

       Present day agriculture is posing a big problem to environment because of the use of chemicals..Nowadays everything from pest control to nutrient management depends on chemicals.

          These will cause series threat to soil,water and air in numerous ways.The use of modern chemicals destruct soil fertility and also beneficial insects..

        Modern ways are trying to solve these issues by using Many techniques.The agriculture scenario around the world see a maximum use of pesticides. These pesticides also became the reason for health problems in humans,,someone even dies.

      These chemicalsremain as residues and hence damages soil.They when washed of by rain,causing problem to auatic life.

          Around many countries agriculture is now getting importance.Organic farming can be grow much in future..Their product raised to high praise as they are organic without chemicals and good for health.

            We are running towards productivity and hence these thing are must needed to boost production.

         Apart from this there is raising concerns on Genetically modified which may give raise to superweeds when not properlymodified.These GMO are very problematic to environment. Many countries are not allowing these foods.

           Also practice of burning agriculture waste stands as the dominant reason for Delhi's airpollution..That much it is polluting.

           Also these damages varies based in crops..paddy causes serious polluting problems which will later discused..

          Forest ecosystem deleted and a risk to life occurs..

         Biodiversity will be varied ,food chain will get damaged.

       Most of present day people thought that agriculture is good for environment but be careful of using chemicals..Agriculture damages local ecosystem,destroy forest,destruct forest .

      So,agriculture also a problem for ecosystem ..Polluting everything but in moderate level..

Honeybee the natural pollinator wasaffected the most causing a fear for food production as it's decline causes lacking in pollination and hence food production..

    There are other factors like allelopathy,methane evolution,repeated cultivation etc..,which causes damage to ecosystem..

      In upcoming I will explain more about this all..Thank u


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